Caught in an inescapable lie

In between the matrices of love
Lurks the self loathing beast
Confidence drained and lost among abusers

We fight. Thoughts entangle us, but the rage within gives us guidance.  Reaching for equalibrium of sorts, we plead for the unforgivable. Crying, the wicked shows mourning.

The bed made and the night now approaching faster, only whispers abound the room filled with punishingly bright light. Tomorrow will bring nothing.
I am nothing.

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I overthink wayy to much. :|


I overthink wayy to much. :|

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Sometimes we are aware of the very thing that have a stranglehold of our soul.

We are also aware of the exact thing that needs to be done to rid ourselves of the fears. 

Yet we find ourselves at a standstill….


I am on a journey to find the answer..

Thus far, I’ve only been offered the confusions of other lost souls in search of the very same answer.

My hopes of finding the answer is growing weaker…

Will I remain faithful until the end?

태풍이 지나면 쓰러지는
강해보이는 나무처럼

버틸수도 없고 피할수도 없다
몰아치는 비바람을

견뎌야 살아남고
느끼려 애써야

남는건 상쳐
얻는건 무엇인가

시간을 멈추고
고민할수만 있다면…

Why God, Why


Why God, why 
Please tell me why
must innocent children
become ill and die

While despots rule
with apparent impunity
did You grant them
special immunity

Monsters prey
both night and day
leading your lambs
quite far astray

Once we even
sacrificed the dove
yet still we find
so little love

Why God, why
I need to see
does the problem lie
within You or me

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My fall is going to break your wall
My climb is going to change your faith

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Fragile and ever changing
It moves me

Dangerous and deceiving
It frightens me

Hopeful and steadfast
It reassures me

Will I ever be faithful?
It worries me


Audrey Hepburn in hair test shots for War and Peace (1955)

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너무아프면 잊어버리리

언제나 그자리에서
쉬지않고 기도드리리

진실된 사랑을 담아
그대를 위해 하늘높이 띄우리

고통은 나만에것
가슴속 깊은곳에 묻으리


Chasing spillovers to clean
Our heart of any decency

Commemorating the love
Of the ones that commit

Judgment falls upon the wicked
For reasons unclear, frightened

Why bring our selves to the sunset today
And ask for the sunrise of tomorrow…

Beauty lies within the depths unknown
Where the truth stays true only to oneself.